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United Moms Charity Association

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A Non-Profit Charity Organization
New Jersey, USA


Tax-exempt Permit: 22-3463401

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United Moms Charity Association

The United Moms Charity Association (UMCA) was founded in 1992. In 1996, it was officially registered with the state of New Jersey as a non-profit organization and received federal tax-exempt status. The UMCA’s work includes local community service, natural disaster relief, helping children in impoverished areas, and promoting the values of American society.

Recent Activities

Local Community Service
  1. Visited nursing homes.
  2. Collected clothing and winter coats, personal hygiene products, and food for the homeless in New Jersey.
  3. Collected Chinese and English books for donation to local libraries.
  4. Collected personal hygiene products and brand new toys for kids in Children’s Homes.
  5. Cared for foreign exchange students.
  6. Recruited youths to participate in community service.
  7. Introduced Chinese culture to the locals.
  8. Established community service monetary awards at local schools.
  9. Helped struggling families obtain needed items or monetary assistance.
  10. Sent volunteers to help with the Red Cross Meals-on-Wheels program, and arranged for Youth Group members to help kids with their homework.

Helping children in impoverished areas (since 1996)
  1. Donated medical equipment and personal care products to orphanages in the rural areas of China.
  2. Provided educational assistance to orphans and impoverished students (including those with AIDS, leprosy, and other handicaps) in Yunnan province.
  3. Contributed to the establishment of orphanages in Yunnan province.
  4. Helped establish schools in remote, mountainous regions in Yunnan province.
  5. Donated teaching equipment to schools in mountainous areas of Yunnan Province.
  6. Donated food and school supplies to aboriginal impoverished students in Taiwan.

Promoting the values of American society

Introduced the defining values of America (including democracy, equality, integrity, civic-mindedness, respecting others, politeness, compassion, and environmental-consciousness) to the Chinese people, teachers, students, and government officials.

The United Moms Charity Association’s volunteers are all real volunteers working without compensation and who pay their own expenses when travelling overseas. The organization’s overhead is paid for privately by board members and by donors who specify that their donations be used for the overhead.

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